Clofus, the almost perfect clone of "Dofus"


Hello young adventurer !
In this cave is an object of incredible power: the "Clofus pourpre". To obtain it, you will have to face the minogolem by crossing its labyrinth. If you don't feel it, you can also stay here and contemplate the view!

Clofus pourpre



In order to catch the "Clofus pourpre", you will have to cross the labyrinth. To do this, you must anticipate the movements of the Minogolem. Each turn, the Minogolem will take a new state, and swap places with the Minogolem of the color indicated in the table on the right. For example, if in the next round, the Minogolem has the red state, then it will swap places with the red Minogolem. Be careful, after switching places, the Minogolem will throw a rock in front of you to try to block your way !
You have 80HP to reach the "Clofus pourpre", each turn you will lose 1HP. You are also able to pass, and to quit the game if you're getting crazy ! Good luck!

Victory !

You have the "Cofus pourpre" in your possession, go conquer the world !

Play again

You died !

The minogolem got you, don't give up !

Try again